The management discharges its responsibility for setting the strategic direction of Institute by agreeing the Vision and Mission statements and the institute’s Strategic Plan.

All these statements are reviewed and updated regularly to reflect the developing needs of corporate, individuals and the changing educational and training requirements of the community.

Vision Statement

“Institute’s aim is to be the first choice provider of top quality education and training throughout the communities it serve”

Mission Statement

“Institute’s purpose is to meet the needs of the customers through effective learning, teaching and development of skills”

Five Key Themes linked to the Mission and Vision

  • Putting better learning and teaching at the heart of what we do.
  • Creating a truly training atmosphere.
  • Getting better at “Putting Learners and Customers First”.
  • Leading (leadership not management), and
  • Building the right facilities and human resources we need to do the teaching and learning better.

Aims and Values - the “Code of Conduct”

The Vision and Mission Statements, together with the key theme, seeks to encapsulate the core purposes and aims of the institute. The Management recognizes it's obligations to all those with whom it has dealings: corporate, students, employees, local and international employers and industries, suppliers, other educational institutions and the local community. It also recognizes that it has accountability to tax payers. Management members are committed to ensuring that they conduct their business in accordance with the highest ethical standards, to this end, every management member signs a Code of Conduct . This is based upon the seven Principles of Public Service , these are:

Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openess, Honesty, Leadership